C.A.P. ACCREDITED #34182-01 State of Michigan License #2238 Interstate License #21-1103

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College of American Pathologists Accredited
Corporate Member American Podiatric Medical Association
American Association for Women Podiatrists

Anatomic Pathology Laboratory

We Specialize in Podiatric Pathology

Histology Associates is acutely focused on providing the best available pathology services.Pathologist at microscope We are a national full-service anatomic pathology laboratory, are licensed in all 50 states and specialize in podiatric pathology. Our commitment is backed by 30 years of experience providing gross and microscopic examination on all surgical specimens. We are accredited by the College of American Pathologists, licensed by the CLIA and are a proud Corporate Partner of the American Podiatric Medical Association and the American Association for Women Podiatrists.

We were founded in 1983 by a pathologist who microscopic slide of onychomycosis was responsible for starting residency programs in local podiatry hospitals and supporting their needs since the 60’s. From the beginning we have always employed the most highly qualified laboratory personnel with the expertise to handle a wide variety of specimens and procedures.

Our mission is to provide our physicians with timely and clear diagnosing of specimen while holding to the highest quality laboratory standards and maintaining professional and friendly relationships with our physicians, their staff and their patients. Also, our aim is to keep the cost of testing down for patients. No excessive testing or screening at higher fees for lab procedures.

We provide quality diagnostics so our expert referring doctors can administer the appropriate treatment. In order to not limit physicians to which products or treatments they can use, no remedies or pharmaceuticals will ever be promoted by our lab.